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The SipMetrics Innovation Report contains 50 pages of analysis on beverage trends in the Beer, Cider, and RTD industry. It describes six innovation factors driving decisions at shelf and six innovation personas to define your consumer segments. Discover insights on key industry issues including:


  • The drivers of 'no/low' alcohol trends
  • The changing role of "local" in purchasing decisions
  • Opportunities for premium and prestige branding
  • The growing importance of social and environmental issues driving consumption
  • and more...


Based on industry leading research techniques developed through years of consultation with North America's biggest brands. SipMetrics aims to make first class research available to all producers.


Get inspired, refine projects, and critically assess opportunities.


In addition to the 50+ pages of consumer trends analysis, buyers will receive access to detailed crosstabs to further support their innovation initiatives. Tailor insights to suite your needs or discover entirely new insights to set your business apart.


The SipMetrics Innovation report is suitable for all suppliers in the beverage alcohol business looking to bring new single-serve beverages to market.

SipMetrics Innovation Report

  • Zip File - 52MB

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